For this each of the schools has been provided three TVs, pen-drives loaded with software, small sized bulletin boards. Training has also been provided to the teachers. Student really enjoy this learning.

Kant process’ was developed by Boston, USA based software expert Hridayesh Kant, this process dramatically enhances the subject engagement for all students.

This is an end-to-end learning system which relies on harnessing the energy and interest of students by providing a video game inspired learning environment.


This Fun Based Learning is available for free to NDMC, KV and SDMC schools.


What is Kant Process?


This process is based on continuous evaluation of students in a competitive setting. Class room is divided in multiple groups and students are seated in front of TVs based on merit.


·      A set of rapid quizzes are displayed on TV.

·      Students check the competing students’ answers.

·      Winners if any are moved up on a merit board and seats are exchanged.

·      Between 15 to 25 quizzes are administered in an hour’s time.


How it works?


In traditional system students are tested monthly and at end of semesters. Students develop the tendency to pay attention when the exams are closer.


‘Kant process’ nudges students to pay attention all the time by creating a continuous evaluation environment.


Even if students do not study by themselves, the practice provided by 100-150 questions makes them familiar with the subject.